Our Aim is to have a democratic exchange  of money around the world.

During the bull runs when people were making alot of money they forgot the main purpose of Bitcoin was to make the exchange of all currencies democratic so that everyone can exchange in one single currency without loosing there hard earned money , Having Google Rates or better rates by purchasing crypto currency using your FIAT currency and then exchanging it to the matched peers in your desired country.

A vision of truth & transparency for your Hard Earned Money

  • Adding all Fiat currencies in the exchange to transfer it to desired country at desired rates.
  • User Friendly platform.
  • Once the launch of exchange in successful, we will add 40% commission on all the successful transfers in the liquidity of the coin. We also have expansion plans which are time independent.


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Presale is live at pinksale click the link below to by now

Pre-sale details will be announced on our website, telegram and twitter channels. Please click link below to follow.


1- Coin Holders will have discounts on transaction fees.
2- Airdrop for PreSale Holders.
3- Additional Discount, if you make the transaction with our coin.
4- Free Currency cards in near future which you can use around the globe.

Initial Expected Launchpad

Future Expected Listing


November 1


Token Creation, Website Development, Whitepaper and Pre-ICO
December 6


Marketing, Promotion, Token Launch at gate.io(startup)
January 3


Technical start for Democratic Money Transfer, Token Burn , More Listings and Reward Distributions
February 7

February and March

Fiat Launch, Peer to Peer testing and More Listings
April 18


Initiating the Fiat to Crypto Transfer with 1 Fiat Currency
July 5


Adding more Fiat currencies to make the democratic transfer of money possible.



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